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Vegan "Chicken" Mayo Toasted Sandwich

This recipe is a real game changer and doesn’t require any fancy ingredients. It’s a really affordable meal to make and something that’s easy to make for packed lunches and quick meals. Chicken and mayo sandwiches are such a popular food choice. Eating chicken and mayo sandwiches are usually a huge part of a kids diet and remind me of the days when I was little. Well this recipe is super easy to make, it is delicious, cost effective and makes for the perfect “back to school” sandwich. Often when people are trying to reduce the amount of meat they eat, it can be tricky to find quick and easy meals to make that still taste similar to the food that they are used too, especially when you have kids, friends or family to impress! Well look no further, as I think this recipe will be perfect for just that.

Makes: 3 Sandwiches

Time: 15-20 Minutes

For this you are going to need:

  • 2 mixing bowls

  • 1 masher or fork

  • 1 mixing spoon

  • 1 teaspoon and tablespoon

  • 1 strainer/Colander


  • 1 Tin chic peas.

  • 1 Stalk celery.

  • 1 Teaspoon fresh or dry thyme.

  • ½ Teaspoon of Dijon or whole grain mustard.

  • 3 Tablespoons of B-Well reduced fat mayo (found at most Spars, Pick n Pay, Checkers, Food Lovers Market) or any vegan mayo of your choice.

  • ½ Teaspoon of fresh crushed garlic.

  • Salt and pepper to taste.

  • ½ Onion (white or red).

  • ½ Lemon juiced.

  • 100-200g rocket.

  • 6 Slices of bread of your choice, or you can serve it on crackers. My favorite breads to use are rye or sourdough.


  1. Thoroughly rinse your tin of chic peas in the strainer to make sure you get rid of all the brine.

  2. Use a masher or fork to mash the chic peas in a mixing bowl just so they are broken into smaller pieces.

  3. Slice your celery and onion and add to the chic peas.

  4. In a separate bowl, mix the 3 tablespoons of vegan mayo, mustard of your choice and garlic

  5. Add the mayo mixture to the chic pea mixture and then add the lemon juice, thyme as well as the salt and pepper to taste. Mix all the ingredients until well combined.

  6. Now spread the mixture evenly on your sliced bread and top with some fresh rocket. Place in a toasted sandwich machine or enjoy fresh. I love to serve this with some homemade potato wedges or a fresh salad.

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